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Do you enjoy working in industrial cleaning, cleaning, food production, gardening and agriculture, hospitality, construction or logistics? At Zelda People, you take center stage. We speak your language and work with understandable employment contracts and guaranteed hours. So, grab that opportunity for a fun job at Zelda People.

Why work at Zelda People?


At Zelda People, we speak your language and give you a warm welcome in your native language. As an employer, we are a committed partner who thinks with you and offers suitable employment. Personal contact is a matter of course with us.


Our terms and conditions are fair and clear. Zelda People is all about people and we take that very seriously. We work in a no-nonsense culture. So you always know where you stand.


We provide a match. Between a committed employer and a motivated and flexible workforce from Europe. We switch quickly
and our contact persons are flexible to help you. 

Our latest vacancies

All-round Auto Damage Repairer

Inland truck driver

Industrial cleaner

Unable to make a suitable choice from our latest job openings? No problem! We have over 45 great positions open daily.

Zelda People

Zelda People’s logo consists of the shield from the game The Legend of Zelda, and for good reason. We consciously choose to protect our own people and provide a safe work home for them. Our multicultural team puts the wants and needs of our migrant workers first.

This is exactly why we speak several languages at our offices: Dutch, English, Polish, German, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Spanish and Ukrainian/Russian. Because feeling welcome starts with being addressed in your own language. With us, business and personal go hand in hand because that’s just the way it is when you work in another country.

Interested? Sign up now with one of our staff members at maria@zeldapeople.com

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